Meet your professionals... in person

Nowadays we're all busy and don't have time to slow down but of all the things you could make time for leading up to your event, this one takes the cake. I'm a huge fan of e-mail because it's efficient and it typically gets the job done but it will never replace a face to face conversation! Other than fulfilling your pure curiosity of knowing who you're dealing with, face to face meetings are great for making sure this professional really knows you and thoroughly understands your needs.  Open lines of communication, solid groundwork and expressing clear expectations of each other early on are crucial to an unburdened relationship. Plus, who needs the extra stress of a first meeting on their wedding day?!

I will admit that engagement photos hadn't crossed my mind, seeming like a non-necessity, but they were one of our best choices during the planning process. We got to meet and develop a rapport with our photographer allowing us to build our comfort level in front of the camera. We were also able to share our story so she could effectively capture the next chapter on our wedding day!

With all that in mind, I urge you to go to your hair and makeup trial, have that food, wine or cake tasting (I don't know why you'd want to miss those 😊) and schedule an engagement session with your photographer before the big day! Meet your people, enjoy the process and trust in the fact that you've made a good decision by selecting a loyal squad-mate.

 Be sure to stop back next week to find out my most important tip of all!

Photos in this series are courtesy of Natalie Franke Photography. Click on any of the photos to see more of her work!

All shout-outs are based on our personal experience and are not paid reviews.
These professionals treated us like gold so I can't help but brag a little 😉