Personal Post | It's Our 2nd Anniversary!

It’s our second wedding anniversary which is SO crazy because it feels like our tenth! I’m calling the last 18 months “The Season of Baby” - planning for baby, trying for baby, praying for baby, testing for baby, celebrating baby, growing baby, shopping for baby and now snuggling baby! This time in our lives has been dedicated to this little blooming life that we created and while that has been a huge transition, I am so grateful because it has allowed us to grow closer to each other and our families in ways we never knew possible! We have learned what patience REALLY is, refined our communication skills and found a certain selflessness in being nurturers all while having the most full and loving hearts.

So, how does this relate back to you and why this personal post on my business blog? Well, the more I pour into my amazing clients, the more I find that my personal life is intertwined with the business in so many ways. It’s safe to say that overall, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been which makes my photography that much more exciting and meaningful! I get to be there and freeze these special fleeting moments for you to look back on when you need them most and that is the best reward I could ask for! Each stage of life and marriage has so much to offer and I’m genuinely elated to be able to share them with you!

Be sure to scroll through to see some of my favorite moments from the last year and beyond (cell phone photos by us, professional photos by Natalie Franke Photography 💗